Trading could be hard and confusing. We have an Exchange function that is very friendly for new beginners. Just select any currency within the system and enter the amount then your currency will be exchanged at the best rate available.

  • System helps you to buy at the cheapest price and sell at the highest price.
  • Overseas remittance at low cost and hardly any waiting time.
  • Full functioning chart. Worry-free! No need to open another chart.
  • Exchange

    You can buy and sell your holding currency. If you want to buy, just select the currency you want to buy and enter the quantity, the purchase of currency is completed instantly in response to the lowest price selling order that is outstanding at that time. If you sell in the same way, the sale is completed immediately in response to the highest buy order.

  • Send

    It is a function that you can send the holding currency to another wallet. Rate is calculated automatically and will be sent with the lowest price route. It is very useful when you want to send overseas. It can reduce transmission time and price.

  • Trade

    We have introduced a chart function widely used in FX etc. in Wallet. Full-scale trading is possible smoothly without using another chart tool.

  • Multi Wallet

    With our Exchange service, you can register and manage various wallets. It is also possible to acquire users using Wallet on many exchanges.

Getting Started

By introducing our own wallet, we can realize new business development, branding effect, transfer fee reduction etc. It made it possible to handle many virtual currencies, and improved functionality and operability. A wallet service that also realizes the large number of users.

Feature of Trader

  • The best HTML chart

    The latest trading platform. Original indicators added with basic charts.

  • Latest market news from all over the world.

    Price data for stocks, futures and foreign exchange. Check other markets besides crypto currency!

  • Chart types

    Professional charts introduced. View charts with different time frames. More than 50 tools to build your trading strategy.

Vauldex network

Vauldex Network

The Vauldex Network is a market maker to handle large volume orders. All prices are real time and orders can be executed instantly. Valued Network is developed and provided by Vauldex Group. Regular exchanges only have their own market to provide for their customers. Therefore large volumes and liquidity are hard to provide. Vauldex Network has developed a network to pull markets from all exchanges. We are now able to provide large volumes with liquidity.


Vauldex Technologies security has been our best product ever since the start. Our cryptographic algorithm is very complicated and hard to crack. All funds from our customers are kept completely separate from our company funds. Wallets are divided well between hot and cold wallets to prevent any sort of hacking.

  • Security 01

    The cold wallet is encrypted. It is also saved in multiple places in order to be recovered in case of any problem. The encryption is based on a strong algorithm. Outsiders would not be able to access the wallet.

  • Security 02
    SSL Certificate

    We are SSL certified. Secure Socket Layer is a protocol that creates a secure, encrypted connection between a browser and a server.

  • Security 03
    2 Step Authentication

    Google authenticator is a 2 step authentication code to keep a tight security for you account.