Customer Support

Our customer support system will be the backbone for your businesses. It opens up a way for full communication between users and administrators. Searching for any keywords to match any frequently asked questions, creating support tickets, adding categories and sub-levels. Admins can keep notes within the system to keep track of each and individual user.

  • Users can use keywords to find the answers quickly.
  • File for a support ticket and keep track of all the questions.
  • Admin will be able to keep note on all the user actions, such as phone calls, emails, support tickets and more.
  • Chat Support

    When users couldn’t find answers in FAQ section, they can request a live chat window with admin. From there all the problems should be resolved easily.

  • Support Content

    It’s easy to create content levels and categories regarding different subjects. With key word searching function, users are able to find answers in no time.

  • User Manage

    Manage all of your customers in one page, you can keep note, write comments, respond. A tool that enables you to provide better customer service!

  • Internationalization

    We have user interface in many different languages, don’t worry if you have foreign customers, they will receive equally excellent service!!

Getting Started

By introducing our own wallet, we can realize new business development, branding effect, transfer fee reduction etc. It made it possible to handle many virtual currencies, and improved functionality and operability. A wallet service that also realizes the large number of users.


Feature FunctionChat Support

User inquiries can now be handled through chat. Solve problems easier.

support content

Feature FunctionSupport Contents

Create contents for FAQ and user support.

support console

Feature FunctionUser Management

Write down user information in your memo to keep track easier.